Individuals wishing more information about our mentoring program should complete our "Contact Information Sheet". We will have someone who is experienced in the area (or areas) in which you have expressed interest contact you. We encourage you to be as specific as possible in completing our form so that we will be able to put you in touch with the best mentor available for your particular area of interest.

Our Commitment

We have made a strong commitment to our mentoring program and believe it will play a vital role in our efforts to expose and educate today's youth about the opportunities available in the aviation and aerospace fields. We will continue to develop as many resources as possible to assist our mentors in their efforts. Initially, we have provided links to Web sites that include generic information about mentoring. Once we have been able to create our own database of information on mentoring, that information will be added to our Web site.

Have a question about our Mentoring Program?

Complete this form and click on "Send" to send your question. Be sure to complete the entire form before sending, for a prompt reply.

The two files here were modified from those provided to IBAC by the Bessie Coleman Chapter of the Air Force Officer Cadet Mentor Action Program (AFCOMAP), we appreciate your generosity.