Leadership Team


IBAC is not a membership organization it is a council of leaders. The core members of the board of directors (BOD) are the presidents of all the black aviation organizations. Other board positions were created to allow for a wide background from civilian and military aviation sectors.

The board of directors is composed of sixteen positions consisting of:

The presidents of seven black flying organizations
  • Thelma Rudd, BCF (Bessie Coleman Foundation)
  • Col. Palmer Sullins USA (RET), BPA (Black Pilots of America)
  • Sam Jones, NAI (NAI, Black Wings in Aviation)
  • Roosevelt Lenard, NBCFAE (National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees)
  • Raymond Robinson, United Parcel Service, OBAP (Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals)
  • Brigadier General Leon Johnson USAF (Ret.) TAI (Tuskegee Airmen Inc.), IBAC Board Chair
  • Victor Thornton, USABAA (US Army Black Aviation Association)
Two individuals from corporate America
  • Vanessa Jamison, Vice Chair IBAC Board & Managing Director
  • Open
Two individuals from other government agencies
  • Colonel (Retired) Len Nevels (Air Force Reserve), Secretary
  • Lt. Colonel Tim Eddins (Air National Guard), Treasurer
Two individuals from institutions of higher education/academia
  • Lt. Colonel. Ivan Kelly, Prince William County Public Schools (retired)
  • Open
Two individuals from foundations/private and or otherwise
  • Dr. (PH.D.) Aprille Ericsson, NASAHQ And Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Open

IBAC has solicited and received support from Raytheon in the form of a $100,000 challenge grant that was received in 1999. United Parcel Service Flight Operations awarded IBAC a $5,000 grant in 2000.